Crowdcity was conceived by a team of professionals with many years of experience in corporate finance, banking and capital markets, working for both leading national and international banks, who saw a significant opportunity to create value by launching a platform that simultaneously supports businesses and the community of institutional investors in a fair and fully transparent manner.

This project finds its roots in peer-to-peer lending, originally developed in the US and UK and now well known all over Europe, which will soon replace traditional commercial banking by means of a complete industry-wide disintermediation and the direct matching of borrowers and lenders, and sellers and buyers.

CrowdCity SpA has developed the first web platform to support two marketplaces for investors and lenders who are willing to provide financing to Italian SMEs in one of the following ways:


To simplify the trade of receivables through non-recourse invoices (i.e. actual sale of the asset)


To simplify traditional business loans by connecting borrowers and investors through the platform (private or institutional lenders)

In both cases, the investments/financing decisions will be supported and regulated by proper due diligence procedures that will allow for the diversification of risk and the definition of prices based on the assets’ actual market value, all in a fully transparent fashion.

The platform represents a “showcase” for companies, and provides the comprehensive economic and financial information that is commonly used by the Banking System to evaluate each applicant’s creditworthiness.

Crowdcity SpA is a registered Credit Broker (Mediatore Creditizio) in the OAM List, with number M445.
It performs credit brokerage activities, as well as all the connected or instrumental activities defined compatible, in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Consolidated Banking Law.